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You will regularly find us with our donkeys at Scottish Shows and our donkeys have been prolific winners over the years. Our current showing mare was Champion Mare and overall Show Champion at Perth in 2017, and Champion Youngstock and overall Reserve Champion for two successive years  before.

We aim to breed top quality donkeys with conformation as close as possible to those set out by the Donkey Breed Society and the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Association. That means strong legs, good bone, straight backs, fine heads and kind temperaments, with the aim of ensuring healthy, vigorous and defect-free generations to follow.


Owning a donkey is not the same as owning a horse or pony. They originated in Africa and evolution has not much affected them in terms of their coats, which are not designed for Scotland’s wet weather. They also have quite different feeding requirements. A fat donkey is not a healthy donkey, and over-feeding can lead to life-threatening conditions. For more information click here.

We have been breeding and showing pedigree donkeys for over 25 years. Stallions and colts (i.e. donkeys that have not been gelded) are not for the faint-hearted. What started out as a cute fluffy foal will grow into a strong, wilful and potentially dangerous herd animal if careful and routine handling and training are not initiated right at the outset, especially if there are mares nearby. Stallions and colts can be an absolute pleasure to own, generally being highly intelligent and therefore receptive to learning new things, particularly in the early months. They can however have a low boredom threshold and therefore require a lot of individual attention.

The old adage 'You get back only what you put in' is very apt when it comes to working with animals. Donkeys benefit from regular attention and companionship. The more you give, the more you will get back in terms of affection, obedience, trust and confidence in you as a leader. Donkeys learn differently to a horse.To find out more click here.

Training Summerfield Pinocchio - foundation stallion Kirkbuddo Silver Commando - first homebred stallion Arranbrook Marco Pierre - first miniature stallion ...and the donkey that began it all 25 years ago -  Reserve British Supreme Champion Coosheen Adieu. !